About Us

Al Shifa Clinic

Al-Shifa Clinic is a shining example of how the teachings of Islam, compassion towards the sick, and selfless service to those in need are molded into everyday practice. Newly housed in a 3,000 square feet building, Al-Shifa clinic provides a haven to those who travel from near and far looking for relief and cure. Our free services are provided by a team of dedicated volunteer physicians, dentists, and students. The 6 medical examination rooms and 3 dental treatment rooms of Al-Shifa clinic hum with activity Tuesdays through Saturdays.


The mission of the clinic is to provide free, quality, patient-focused healthcare to all, irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, or gender and regardless of ability to pay.


Al-Shifa Clinic envisions supporting and encouraging the health of all of humankind through free healthcare, and public health education services.


Al-Shifa Clinic is firmly anchored in the ethos of safety, quality care, service, dedication, patient satisfaction, responsibility, and community help. These characteristics compliment the clinic’s ultimate goal of improving the health status of the community it serves.

Al-Shifa Clinic